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Earthquake Relief for Turkey & Syria

Mobile health teams treat those for whom the hospital is out of reach.

Mobile health teams treat those for whom the hospital is out of reach. © action medeor/IDA

After the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, thousands of people need help. With our partners, we are providing emergency aid.

Several major earthquakes have shaken parts of Syria and Turkey. More than 35,000 people have lost their lives, and the numbers continue to rise. Houses and roads have been destroyed, thousands of people have lost their homes.

Rapid Aid

Already in the early morning hours after the first quake, calls for help reached us from our partners in the affected regions in Syria as well as Turkey. Together with our partners, who began the first relief measures in the first hours after the quake, we are providing immediate aid:

Earthquake victims are provided with medical care, hot meals, water, tents and blankets and housed in reception facilities. At the same time, we begin to assemble the first relief supplies in our warehouse: among other things, bandaging materials, patient monitors and oxygen concentrators are packed to be sent to the affected areas as quickly as possible.

In action on site

Just two days after the earthquake, a reconnaissance team from action medeor was in the earthquake zone to initiate further relief measures. Plans include setting up large community tents where people can warm up and receive food and medical care. Mobile health teams will also be used to treat people for whom the hospital is currently too far away.

Cooperation with local partners

action medeor is working in the earthquake zone with Turkish and Syrian partner organizations that have been active there for years. As a first step, many relief supplies were therefore procured directly on site so that they could be delivered to the area of operation as quickly as possible. However, the aid shipments from action medeor's medicine warehouse in Tönisvorst will also play a major role in the long-term supply of people with important medical supplies in the coming weeks.

Help now!

Thanks to the support of donors, we can now assist the people in the earthquake region. Help us to do this: donate now for action medeor's emergency aid after the earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

Your donation helps:

With 30 euros, you can finance 50 pairs of surgical gloves, for example, so that injured people can be treated safely.
Make a one-time donation of 30 euro

With 55 Euro you can finance, for example, sutures and bandages to treat 100 injured people.
Make a one-time donation of 55 euros

With 150 Euro you contribute, for example, to the procurement of tents, blankets and heaters.
Make a onetime donation of 150 euros

Or you can donate an amount of your choice. Every donation helps!
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Information about the earthquake

On February 06, 2023, a severe earthquake of magnitude 7.8 shakes southeastern Turkey and Syria. Shortly after, another quake with a magnitude of 6.7 follows. One week after the quake, the death toll is more than 35,000 victims.