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Hingeschaut – action medeor Blog THANK YOU from Ukraine

War has been raging in Ukraine for a year now. Thank you for supporting our emergency aid for the people in Ukraine!

"We could never have done this alone," reports Igor from our partner organization Your City in the South of Ukraine. Igor is one of many helpers who have been providing vital aid to the people of Ukraine since the outbreak of the war - aid that is only possible thanks to your donations! For this, we and the people in Ukraine would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts with this video:

Social pharmacy: care for the poorest

With the support of action medeor, two social pharmacies have been opened in Odessa, southern Ukraine. Here, every week, more than 450 people receive free essential medicines that they could not otherwise afford. "Sometimes people line up here as early as five in the morning to make sure they get their medicines," reports Igor, who is responsible for the two pharmacies.

Medical care for the whole country

The social pharmacy is one of many aid measures that action medeor has been implementing since the beginning of the war. At the same time, hospitals throughout the country are being supplied with medicines and medical materials and equipment. Within the last twelve months, more than 480 tons of relief supplies have been brought to Ukraine.

For the winter season

In addition to medical aid, action medeor has implemented important winter aid together with local partner organizations: Refugees housed in makeshift apartments, some of which had previously been empty for years, are provided with stoves to heat their rooms and prepare meals. Children receive a hot meal every day at a community center. In addition, blankets and warm clothing are distributed.

Our help in numbers

  • On average 4 aid transports per week with a total volume of more than 480 tons.
  • Network of about 100 partner organizations and hospitals on site.
  • Psychological and medical care for up to 27,000 refugees.
  • Delivery of 14 ambulances, operating tables and mobile X-ray and ultrasound equipment to clinics throughout the country.
  • Winter aid for around 6,000 families: food, bedding, blankets, winter clothing and sanitation articles.
  • Medication supply in the social pharmacy in Odessa for 2,000 needy people every month.


All this is only possible because donors like you support action medeor's emergency aid in Ukraine. For this, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts - also on behalf of the people in Ukraine.

Your help is still needed!

We are very pleased if you want to support our work in Ukraine and in many other crisis-ridden regions of the world - every additional donation is welcome and makes an important contribution!

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Helfen ist selbstverständlich

„Würden meine Familie und ich von einer Naturkatastrophe getroffen werden, würde ich mir auch wünschen, dass es Menschen gibt, die uns helfen. Deshalb ist es für mich selbstverständlich, Menschen, die in Not geraten sind, zu unterstützen.”

Heike Wennmacher, Spenderin