An emergency supply for the victims of the Ebola epedemic on its way to Sierra Leone.

Disaster ReliefMedicine and humanitarian aid projects

Hunger crisis in Africa

Drought and violence are the cause of famine and disease spreading in East Africa.

Drought and fighting led to hunger in parts of East Africa. Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Sudan are particularly affected.

Civil war in Syria

action medeor supplies local partner organizations with medicines and medical supplies.

Millions of people in Syria are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Since 2012, action medeor has supplied life-saving drugs.

Earthquake in Nepal 2015

The earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 will go down in the records as the most devastating disaster in the history of the Himalayan state.

Drought in Guatemala 2014

Droughts, flooding and a coffee rust crisis in Central America led to crop failures, malnutrition and poverty in 2014.

Ebola in West Africa

More than a year after the outbreak of the pandemic in West Africa, over 22,000 people are now said to be infected with Ebola.

Drought in Pakistan 2014

Next to flooding along the Indus, the southeast of Pakistan frequently suffers periods of extreme drought.

Flooding in Pakistan 2013

Pakistan is highly prone to natural disasters. Almost every year, heavy monsoon rains result in serious flooding.