Two pharmacists take care of the pharmacy in the Guidotti Hospital in Zimbabwe.

ProductsHigh quality medicines, medical supplies and medical kits


These glasses are used to store medicine.

In our 4,000 m2 warehouse in Germany we keep more than 170 different safe and high quality medicines constantly in stock.

Medical supplies

Dressing material is placed in one of the shelves.

action medeor provides you with a wide selection of affordable medical supplies and devices for your medical needs.

Health Technology

action medeor combines high-quality and cost-effective medical technology with an all-round service by our trained personnel.

Medical kits

A shipment with products of action medeor has arrived in the Philippines.

For use in emergencies and diasters and other fields of application, we offer you tailor-made kits on request.

Specialized nutrition

Thanks to a nutrition programm Haitian children get therapeutic food.

action medeor offers several products to treat and prevent severe or moderate acute malnutrition and vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies.

Our commitment to quality

A pharmacist pours a liquid out of a measuring cup.

High quality standards of all products and a comprehensive quality assurance in all processes – we guarantee optimum quality!


A man loads a pick-up with packages of action medeor.

Here you can find all information about the medical aid of action medeor - from your first request to our delivery.

Newsletter medical aid

These little bottles with medicine are used for quality control in Tanzania.

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