Two pharmacists take care of the pharmacy in the Guidotti Hospital in Zimbabwe.

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We provide medicines, medical equipment and everything else needed for basic medical care and offer advice on determining your requirements and selecting products.

Procurement, storage and delivery are handled by action medeor labworks. Our 100% subsidiary bundles action medeor's many years of expertise in the areas of products, logistics, export, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. This allows us to better adapt to the constantly changing local requirements and needs of our partners. We are delighted to be able to support you even more flexible with this new addition to the action medeor family.

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action medeor labworks stands for:

Quality products and sustainable solutions
Assured quality, reliable technologies, all-round service with installation, maintenance and training, as well as consulting at eye level.

Experienced partner with strong network
We are operating worldwide from Germany with well-established contacts also in sub-Saharan Africa drawing on experience of decades in international cooperation, pharmaceutical business and humanitarian health supply chain.

Health supply chain experts
From registration to purchasing and logistics: We are dedicated and experienced professionals in the field of pharmacy, medical techniques, logistics, warehousing.

Improve health worldwide together
As social enterprise and 100% subsidiary of the German non-governmental organization action medeor e.V. we share all values and work together for the health of all people. With our activities, we directly strengthen the programs of action medeor and work together for the health of all.

Product portfolio

In our 4,000 m2 warehouse in Germany action medeor labworks keeps more than 170 medicines and a wide range of medical products and devices constantly in stock. This wide selection of high-quality and cost-effective products is at your disposal at short notice.

Products that are not included in our portfolio can be requested individually and we will be happy to organize the procurement for you. If you have any questions about the individual products, our experienced employees will be happy to advise you and help you to identify your specific needs.

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These glasses are used to store medicine.

In our 4,000 m2 warehouse in Germany action medeor labworks keeps more than 170 different safe and high quality medicines constantly in stock.

Medical supplies

Dressing material is placed in one of the shelves.

action medeor labworks provides you with a wide selection of affordable medical supplies and devices for your medical needs.

Health Technology

action medeor combines high-quality and cost-effective medical technology with an all-round service by our trained personnel.

Medical kits

A shipment with products of action medeor has arrived in the Philippines.

For use in emergencies and diasters and other fields of application, we offer you tailor-made kits on request.

Our commitment to quality

A pharmacist pours a liquid out of a measuring cup.

High quality standards of all products and a comprehensive quality assurance in all processes – we guarantee optimum quality!