The laboratory technician analyses blood samples of patients.

Pharmaceutical expertisePharmaceutical consultancy to strengthen local structures

action medeor is unique among aid organizations as it focusses on the pharmaceutical aspect of ensuring health among a population. No doctor can help her patients if the necessary medicines are not available. Therefore, it is of utmost importance not only to make a doctor’s services accessible to the public, but also to strengthen pharmaceutical structures.

Training of pharmaceutical personnel

A great part of action medeor's work is supplying hospitals, health centres and medical aid teams with medicines. However, a health care system also needs trained pharmaceutical personnel, a functioning health supply chain and a market for preferably locally produced medicines. Therefore, action medeor provides trainings, workshops and consultancy to all actors of the pharmaceutical field, from manufacturers to health personnel, to strenghten local medical structures.

The pharmacist's point of view

What puts action medeor apart, is the pharmacist’s perspective that links these fields together. Pharmacy is an interdisciplinary field and so is any health care system. Therefore, connecting medical, logistical and industrial knowledge is of great advantage to anyone seeking to improve the medical situation in a country.

Our team of experts

Action medeor offers advice and training on these topics and has funded many projects dedicated to the improvement of pharmaceutical services and infrastructure. Our team consists of pharmacists experienced in various fields ranging from public pharmacies to the pharmaceutical industry. For special challenges, we have built up a wide network of external advisors from many different backgrounds.

Below, ongoing and completed projects of pharmaceutical consultancy are presented on this website, as well as a list of our standard training programmes. We are always looking for new partners and happy to share our experience. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for any further information!

Pharmaceutical consultancy

A consultancy sesson by an action medeor pharmacist

Find out more about action medeor's consultancy on specific issues that you may face as a manufacturer, wholesaler or QC laboratory.