An employee of action medeor International Healthcare Tanzania presents a medicine from the warehouse in Dar es Salaam.

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International Healthcare Tanzania

action medeor International Healthcare Tanzania provides essential medicines and medical supplies of assured high quality and affordable prices to healthcare partners in Tanzania.

What we offer:

Supply of essential medicines and medical equipment of assured high quality at affordable prices

Provision of good services and reliable information on medicines and equipment for our customers

Assistance with technical advisory services and training in medicine management and rational medicine use

We offer our service to the non-commercial health sector and public institutions, the health sector of faith-based groups as well as of national and international non-governmental and charitable organizations in Tanzania.

We started operating in 2004 in Dar es Salaam. Today, the head office with warehouse of action medeor Tanzania is still located there. Additionally, we are operating two additional warehouses in Masasi and Makambako to serve the south and south-west of Tanzania.

action medeor Tanzania is a subsidiary of action medeor e.V. in Germany. This charitable, non-governmental organization was founded in 1964 to improve the access to medicines for people in need in developing countries. Today, action medeor is one of the leading medical aid organizations in Europe. It draws on years of experience and competences in various skill-oriented trainings, workshops and individual consultancy, transferring knowledge and practical experience in Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Distribution Practices and Good Regulatory Practices. action medeor is also engaged in disaster relief programmes and diverse health care projects.

action medeor Tanzania combines the long-lasting experience of our parent organization with plenty of local knowledge provided by our qualified Tanzanian staff.


action medeor tanzania news

News from our offices and warehouses in Dar es Salaam, Masasi, and Makambako and about our activities in Tanzania.


action medeor Tanzania offers a wide range of generic medicines as well as a variety of medical supplies and devices.

Quality standards

action medeor Tanzania has adopted high standards of quality assurance ensuring our goal of safe, effective and good quality products.


Today, action medeor Tanzania operates three offices with warehouses to supply health stations all over Tanzania.

Customer guidelines

In order to operate smoothly we kindly ask you to follow our customer guidelines.


Team action medeor Tanzania

Employees in Tanzania and Germany work to improve access to important medicines for the people in Tanzania.


If you are a visitor, customer or other interested person you will find all contact details of action medeor Tanzania here.