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Future prospects

Faithful to our vision action medeor supports and promotes local health structures. In order to provide people in need with medicines a reliable drug supply chain is necessary.

In many countries governmental or private pharmaceutical wholesalers are not able to supply medicines to everyone. Strengthening the health system by setting up an alternative supply system complementing the existing national one is a successful strategy to achieve our goal of increasing access to medicines. action medeor has therefore also set up regional offices and warehouses in Tanzania and Malawi.

action medeor Germany, action medeor international Healthcare Tanzania and action medeor Malawi work together in the fields of procurement and quality assurance related topics (i.e. auditing). A harmonised view is obtained and maintained by regular visits and consultations between the three different sites. 

action medeor is open to further decentralise its pharmaceutical whole sale activities. Currently action medeor is in the process of evaluating various options for setting up regional non-profit wholesalers in certain African countries.