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Our pharmaceutical consultants

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Learn more about our pharmaceutical consultants and their area of expertise

A network of experts

action medeor is supported by an extensive network of international experts in all pharmaceutical fields, from universities and the pharmaceutical industry. Our network enables us to provide consultancy and trainings for all partners and pharmaceutical actors in a wide array of topics.

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Our team

Christoph Bonsmann

Bonsmann 0452 s

pharmacist (University of Düsseldorf, Germany). Work experience in both public and hospital pharmacy in Germany and Namibia. Started working for action medeor in 2002, supported a Tanzanian manufacturer from 2012-2013. Board member at action medeor since 2013. Particular fields of expertise: feasibility studies for and planning and coordinating of pharmaceutical building projects (laboratories, production sites).

Dr. Irmgard Buchkremer-Ratzmann

action medeor staff buchkremer irmgard

pharmacist (University Düsseldorf, Germany), Master of Drug Regulatory Affairs (University of Bonn, Germany), experience in pharmacological research (university and industry). Many years experience in working for a service provider for the European pharmaceutical industry (drug regulatory affairs, drug safety and quality control). Has worked at action medeor since 2013. Focuses of pharmaceutical advisory services: drug regulatory affairs training courses, supporting the development of accreditation systems, supporting pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Shushan Tedla

action medeor staff shuhan tedla 2 s

pharmacist (University of Asmara, Eritrea), Master of Science in International Health (University of Heidelberg). Many years of work experience in a hospital pharmacy. Has been working for action medeor since 2011 and is responsible for the evaluation of manufacturers and products. Focuses within pharmaceutical advisory services: GMP audits of East African manufacturers, planning/conducting training courses for pharmaceutical staff in South Sudan.

Guy Noel Mouoffo

action medeor staff mouoffo guy noel s

pharmacist (University of  Urbino, Italy)  Knowledge and experience in Quality control, Galenic formulation and project management . Has been working for action medeor since 2016.  Main areas are Quality Assurance and Pharmaceutical consultancy especially in French speaking countries: GMP trainings of health personnel, GMP audits of pharmaceutical manufacturers, registration procedures for Marketing Authorization.