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Transparency & control

An employee in the warehouse packs products of action medeor in a box for shipping.

An employee in the warehouse packs products of action medeor in a box for shipping. © action medeor/B. Betzelt

Transparency and quality have the highest priority at action medeor. This also includes an open communication with its donors.

The most important asset of an organization is the donors’ trust in a responsible handling of the donations. action medeor provides help where an actual need for medicines and medical supplies can be found. Health stations wishing to obtain such assistance by action medeor first are examined using an extensive questionnaire. A modern ERP system guarantees an effective control of the goods flows, even after leaving the warehouse.
Each year action medeor undergoes an external audit. The results of the audit are made available to the public.

Deutscher Spendenrat

action medeor is a member of the organization Deutscher Spendenrat, the umbrella organization of German donation-funded organizations. For over 20 years, the member organizations of the German Spendenrat work for the strengthening of transparency in the German non-profit sector. Members of the organization agree to comply with high quality standards.
These standards for example include the annual disclosure of structures, activities, projects and finances as part of an annual report. The member organizations are supported by the independent auditor committee of the German Spendenrat in complying with and implementing its principles.
Compliance with the accounting standards is inspected by the organization's auditors, the results of this audit will be published.

Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft

Transparency is very important to us, therefore, action medeor has decided to join the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft.
The aim of the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft is to provide the widest possible action alliance within civil society, which agree on the essential parameters for effective transparency. The signatories to the initiative commit to ten precisely named, relevant facts about their organization which have to be made available to the general public. This includes information on the organizational structure as well as sources and use of funds.

VENRO Code of Conduct

action medeor is a member of VENRO, the umbrella organization of development and humanitarian NGOs in Germany. As a member organization action medeor is committed to comply with the code of conduct on transparency, organization management and control.


Dr. Anke Freckmann is the ombudswoman for action medeor. Anyone can contact her if he or she believes there have been irregularities.
Through the establishment of an ombudsman / an ombudswoman of action medeor an institution outside the organization of action medeor was created which is independent from the organs of action medeor, its partners and suppliers. The ombudswoman supports action medeor in the prevention and fight against corruption. The ombudswoman is independent from action medeor and is not bound by any instructions. Anyone who thinks there have been irregularities at action medeor or any partner or supplier can contact the ombudswoman and request an examination. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact her: