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Health Technology

  • Slide 1Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer WP21A
    Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer WP21A
  • Slide 2Oxygen concentrator JAY-5BW
    Oxygen concentrator JAY-5BW
  • Slide 3Hematology Analyzer
    Hematology Analyzer
  • Slide 4Mobile Dental Unit
    Mobile Dental Unit

action medeor combines high-quality and cost-effective medical technology with an all-round service by our trained personnel.

The demand for high-quality and cost-effective medical devices is constantly increasing over the world. However, medical devices for diagnosis and treatment are often technically complex and are subject to registration or approval processes in many countries. Such devices also often require intensive service in the form of consultation, training, installation, maintenance and repair. With the permission to import registered medical devices and to have trained service personnel, action medeor fulfills an important need of our customers.

Legal framework

In Germany, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics are subject to the regulations of the Medical Devices Act. In many of action medeor's partner countries there are corresponding rules for the registration of medical devices. Manufacturers of medical devices must meet the requirements of ISO 13485 "Quality Management System for Medical Devices". Product liability and warranty are primarily the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Because of its existing quality management system, action medeor meets all quality requirements. We also already have corresponding expertise for the national registrations, which stems partly from the approval of our medicinal products.

action medeor evaluates its medical devices before including them in its product portfolio and the manufacturers are checked accordingly. This ensures that the manufacturers have a functioning quality management system and that the medical devices comply with international quality and safety standards.

Selection of the assortment

The different devices are thoroughly evaluated by action medeor and selected after criteria such as quality, application type with unfavorable environmental conditions, user friendliness, communication with the manufacturers, procurement price, and operating cost. A direct purchase from the manufacturer is preferred and enables not only better prices but also better access to delimitation contracts, confidentiality agreements and registration documents.