The pharmaceutical warehouse of action medeor in Tönisvorst, Germany.

About usOrganisation, staff and partner

action medeor is the largest medical aid organization in Europe. “medeor” is Latin for “I heal”. Based in Tönisvorst near the Dutch border, action medeor works for improving the medical situation of people especially in developing countries since over 50 years.

In 1963, dedicated citizens living in Krefeld and Vorst started to collect medical samples for people in developing countries. Lead by doctor Ernst Boekels, first a youth center, later a dancing hall and finally a school building was turned into a temporary warehouse. From all over Germany trucks loaded with medicines came to Tönisvorst.

1964: Founding the organization

On August 13th, 1964 the organization action medeor was founded.

1967: Adapting the assortment

Soon it became clear that action medeor received many donations of medical samples that did not meet the demand of people in developing countries. On the other hand, important drugs that were desperately needed were missing in the trucks arriving in Tönisvorst. For that reason action medeor decided to have own drugs made as generic medicinal products. These are medicines whose raw materials are not patented.

1974: The first large warehouse

On property provided by the railway company of the nearby city of Krefeld action medeor built its first warehouse and administrative building. From that moment onwards, drugs could be stored on an area of 2000 square meters until a health post in Africa, Asia or Latin America required them.

1998: A generous legacy

Until today, all employees of action medeor know the name Else Eberle. By bequeathing action medeor a respectable sum she enabled the organization to modernize the building and enlarge the warehouse to 4000 square meters.

2001: Action medeor foundation

The action medeor foundation ensures the work of action medeor on a long term basis. This is made possible as a foundation collects capital over generations and therefore supports the wish of the founder for a long time period.

2005: A branch in Tanzania

After founding the action medeor International Healthcare gGmbH according to German law the Tanzanian branch of action medeor in Dar es Salaam took up work in September 2005. Almost 400 different products are available in the warehouse in Dar es Salaam and can be supplied to hospitals and small health posts all over the country.

2014: 50 years action medeor

action medeor celebrated its 50th anniversary with 65 employees and 23,000 donors. 170 different drugs and 450 items of medical equipment and supplies are always ready for delivery on demand. Every year, more than 10,000 parcels are sent to recipients in over 100 countries.

2015: A second branch in Malawi

Building on good experiences of the branch in Tanzania, action medeor has openend a branch in Malawi in September 2015. action medeor Malawi supplies the Malawian people with affordable, high quality and essential medicines from a 500 square meter camp in Lilongwe.

What we do

Founded 1964, the charitable, non-governmental organization action medeor e.V. today is the largest medical aid organization in Europe.


The team of action medeor inside the foyer of the headquarter in Tönisvorst, Germany.

Currently 77 employees work for action medeor, 31 voluntary helpers support the work of the medical aid organization.

Annual reports

action medeor Annual reports

Our annual report contains information about action medeor's work and the application of funds.



A boy in a project in Togo has folded a paper plane and shows it into the camera.

action medeor is a member of several alliances and networks in order to pursue common goals more effectively.

Transparency & control

An employee in the warehouse packs products of action medeor in a box for shipping.

Transparency and quality have the highest priority at action medeor. This also includes an open communication with its donors.


In a project of action medeor in Tanzania health workers educate the population.

medeor (Latin) means „I help, I heal”. This term forms the basis of the statutes of action medeor e.V.