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Pharmaceutical training courses

A workshop organized by action medeor on GMP in Tansania

A workshop organized by action medeor on GMP in Tansania © action medeor

action medeor offers training courses to actors of the pharmaceutical sector to improve access to quality medicines for all.

For more than 15 years, action medeor has been promoting good pharmaceutical practices in developing countries to improve the access to quality medicines for all. Our efforts include providing trainings, short courses and practical seminars to different actors of the pharmaceutical sector, from ministries to wholesalers.

We offer courses on a variety of topics and focus on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Storage Practice (GSP) and Good Regulatory Practice. Our dedicated team of pharmaceutical professionals, our network of external experts and our excellent contact to partners, organizations, universities and authorities guarantie a high level of expertise and a training in conformity with international as well as regional regulations.

Our support to local structures is also embedded in national, regional and international standards. We comply with state regulations and cooperate with national and regional stakeholders, enabling manufacturers and authorities to ensure that safe, effective and good-quality medicines circulate around the market.

We have already trained more than 700 pharmaceutical experts working in the industry and in authorities in various countries, especially in East, Central and West Africa as well as in Nepal and Haiti. Choose one of our standard trainings below or contact us for a customized training offer.