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Earthquake in Nepal 2015

The earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 will go down in the records as the most devastating disaster in the history of the Himalayan state.

In only a few seconds it caused many houses to collapse and landslides on mountain slopes that buried scores of people under debris and rubble. 5.6 million people were directly affected, around 9,000 people were killed and some 22,000 injured. The damage to the infrastructure was equally devastating. 500,000 buildings were destroyed, around 2.8 million people lost their homes.

Medical care had already been inadequate at best before the disaster, the severe lack of doctors affecting especially the rural population—this situation was now dramatically compounded by the disaster in that it destroyed vital medicines along with many health facilities and escalated the need for medical supplies.

action medeor reacted at once, and in a six-week emergency response operation sent relief shipments with medicines on their way and set up a temporary medicines distribution point. This made it possible to supply medical teams, hospitals and health posts even in sremote and hard-to-reach areas with medicines soon after the earthquake. Now that the immediate disaster phase is over, action medeor will continue to join with local partner organizations to help with the reconstruction of the healthcare infrastructure in the country.