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Medical supplies

Dressing material is placed in one of the shelves.

Dressing material is placed in one of the shelves. © action medeor/J. Scheffler

action medeor labworks provides you with a wide selection of affordable medical supplies and devices for your medical needs.

Comprehensive medical care requires more than just high-quality and safe medication. In order to ensure an effective prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, medical supplies and devices are also essential.

The product range includes amongst others:

  • a range of bandaging materials like plasters, dressings, compresses
  • various catheters, thermometers, sphygmomanometers, nutritional tubes
  • other medical items like urine bottles, medication dispensers, scales
  • resuscitation bags, defibrillators
  • diagnostic equipment like ECG instruments or x-ray films and supplies
  • adjuvants like stethoscopes or tongue depressors
  • surgical instruments and suture materials
  • special equipment for gynaecology, dental and ENT (ear eye nose throat)
  • diverse cannulas and syringes for injections and blood collection
  • laboratory requirements like blood sugar measuring devices, microscopes, rapid tests
  • crutches, wheelchairs, examination couches, stretchers, infusion stands
  • various gloves made of latex, vinyl or PE
  • personal hygiene products like paper towels, nappies or soaps
  • other equipment like solar lights, batteries, mosquito nets, dosage spoons

High quality obtains top priority for us. Therefore we refer our products exclusive from selected, reliable suppliers and make high demands concerning product quality on them. Our team is readily available to answer your questions regarding single products and gives individual advice in order to clarify the demand. Please find our contact data on the right.