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In a temporary medical distribution center in the Philippines, an employee of action medeor stocks the shelves with medicines.

In a temporary medical distribution center in the Philippines, an employee of action medeor stocks the shelves with medicines. © action medeor

action medeor accepts in-kind donations if certain conditions are met. We are happy to check your offer!

For over 50 years action medeor supplies health centers in the poorest countries of the world with medicines as well as medical equipment and supplies. These deliveries are primarily funded by donations but we are also dependent on live-saving in-kind donations.

As a company you can provide valuable help...
... with drugs (as pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers)
... with medical equipment (as a manufacturer and wholesaler of medical supplies, medical equipment, instruments, bandages, etc.).

Drugs and medical equipment and supplies can be considered as in-kind donation…
... when having sufficient shelf lives (at least 13 months, may be shorter under certain conditions)
... when originating from a reliable source (no drug samples, returns or products that have already been given to patients).

Although we are urgently in need of donations, we can only accept products that meet our strict quality requirements. Drugs must be suitable for usage in developing countries. Furthermore, one or more partner organization of action medeor must have been identified having a specific need and possibilities to use the donated goods. We are glad to check your offer for an in-kind donation and thereby ensure that all donations are used according to existing demand.

action medeor holds a wholesaler license according to German pharmaceutical law (§52a AMG) and is a recognized as a drug supply organisation (according to §47 German Drug LawAMG). On request, we will be glad to issue a contribution donation receipt, and are happy to send you further information material about the purpose of consumption and recipient of the donation which can be used for publication purposes.

We ensure the appropriate use of your donation

action medeor has a worldwide network of partners that improve health care in the poorest regions of the world. Among these are large hospitals, small health centers as well as other aid organizations. Many pharmaceutical companies want to use their drugs and medical supplies to help – especially in cases of emergencies and natural disasters. In the past, we have proven to be successful in supplying people with medical aid who desperately needed it. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

In-kind donations from individuals

Unfortunately, action medeor cannot accept donations in the form of drugs from individuals, although of course we acknowledge the good intentions of the individual donor.

To be able to provide efficient assistance it is important that the drugs and medical supplies are delivered according to the need in the affected region and shipped in large quantities. Shipping small donations in most cases is more expensive because of the complexity of logistics required.

Therefore, action medeor orders so-called generic drugs in large quantities which are cost-efficient and comply with the stringent quality requirements. Of course, we always examine offers of large scale in-kind donations for example by pharmaceutical companies. Donations of medical equipment are often more problematic if no instruction manual in the required language is present and there is a risk that the device requires an on-site repair leading to further costs for the recipient.