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Pharmaceutical consultancy

A consultancy sesson by an action medeor pharmacist

A consultancy sesson by an action medeor pharmacist © action medeor

Find out more about action medeor's consultancy on specific issues that you may face as a manufacturer, wholesaler or QC laboratory.

action medeor offers advice and training on medical, logistical and industrial topics for all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical field: manufacturers, wholesalers, QC laboratories and others. Our team consists of pharmacists experienced in various fields ranging from public pharmacies to the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, we have built up a wide network of external advisors from many different backgrounds, enabling us to give consultancy even in niche or unusual matters.

Our aim is to impart the necessary knowledge to the local partners, thereby enabling them to independently render pharmaceutical and medical care. This includes the ability to produce drugs locally in compliance to adequate quality standards and to dispense them to patients at an affordable price. Through educating and training local health workers and pharmacists, action medeor promotes the formation of a functioning health care system. This enables the necessary involvement of the population to break the vicious cycle of disease and poverty.

Why choose action medeor?

The strengths of action medeor as a powerful and competent partner for improving the supply of medicines in developing countries include our:

  • Dedicated team of pharmaceutical professionals with years of experience in development cooperation, industry and research
  • Excellent contacts to various national and international partner organizations, universities, government authorities and intergovernmental organizations (WHO, EU, GIZ, EAC, ECOWAS, NEPAD)
  • Close cooperation between action medeor’s pharmaceutical professionals and its Development Cooperation/Humanitarian Aid departments
  • Distinguished team of experts from the academic and industrial sectors to deal with various topics

For more information on our pharmaceutical consultancy, do not hesitate to contact us.