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action medeor Tanzania offers a wide range of generic medicines as well as a variety of medical supplies and devices.

We set great value on the quality and the safety of all our products and are always looking for the best purchase prices. Our ambition is that all Tanzanian people have direct access to high quality and safe medicines at affordable prices.

The list of our medicines comprises of approx. 300 items and is based upon the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines and the Tanzanian Essential Medicines List. It is periodically reviewed and updated according to recommendations of our customers and health professionals, following the concept of rational medicine selection.

Most of our products are purchased locally or within the region in line with the policy of action medeor to support local manufacturers, however, without compromising on quality. Products not available locally or regionally are procured from international manufacturers. We negotiate with suppliers for the lowest possible price due to bulk sourcing, thus benefiting from quantity discounts. To operate as a non-for-profit organization means our mark-ups are at the lowest possible margin to cover the operating and maintenance costs of our organization. Therefore, we are not in the position to grant discounts to any customers.