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Today, action medeor Tanzania operates three offices with warehouses to supply health stations all over Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam

The first office and warehouse of action medeor Tanzania was opened in 2004 in Dar es Salaam. Being the largest city and the economic center of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is a strategic point to supply medicines, medical supplies, and medical equipment to our customers and thus to close a big gap in the supply of the goods.

In Dar es Salaam, procurement, storage, and sales are organized in a warehouse of 300 m2 and an office of about 50 m2 . If required, additional small rooms are rented.


Since June 2013, action medeor Tanzania operates a second warehouse in Masasi. This small city is located in the south of Tanzania and 600 km away from Dar es Salaam. Supplying remote healthcare facilities in the country’s south is much easier and quicker from the new warehouse.


In March 2018, we opened our third warehouse in Makambako. This city is located in the southern highlands of Tanzania, 650 km away from Dar es Salaam. Situated near the main roads to Dar es Salaam (in the East), the neighboring countries (Zambia, Malawi and Democratic Republic of the Congo in the South-West) and Njombe, Songea, and Lake Malawi (in the South), the warehouse enables action medeor Tanzania to organize the supply of medicines more customer-friendly. Additionally, the warehouse is directly opposite to the Tanzania-Zambia-Railway-Station, which simplifies and speeds up operations further.

From now on, action medeor Tanzania will supply directly from Makambako to the rural south-west of the country. Local partners can now receive products within one working day. For us, it is a further step towards a better access to essential medicines and medical supplies to all Tanzanian people.

All three warehouses are situated on church ground, which has been offered by different dioceses. The German intralogistics specialist Jungheinrich, a partner of action medeor since 2012, supported the projects. Jungheinrich funded equipment, like racking systems and fork lifts, for the warehouse.