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Tender AHS-2018-001

Physiotherapeutic Equipment for action medeor Tönisvorst

This tender is part of a project, which is financed by The State Government of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany and the German Medical Aid Organization action medeor e.V. The beneficiary of the project is The Al Hussein-Society, a non-governmental organization specialized in the field of physical disabilities based in Amman, Jordan.

1. Character of tender:
Öffentliche Ausschreibung (Public tender)

2. Volume of order:
Approximately 120.000 EUR

3. Name of body calling for offers:
Institution: Deutsches Medikamenten-Hilfswerk action medeor e.V.
Address: St. Töniser Str. 21, 47918 Tönisvorst, Germany

4. Tender length
14 days

5. Name of body awarding the decision
Institution 1: Al-Hussein Society
Institution 2: action medeor e.V.

6. Name of body to submit the offer
Institution: Deutsches Medikamenten-Hilfswerk action medeor e.V.

7. Place of delivery
Tönisvorst, Germany

8. Short description of tender
Vibration therapy machine with tilt table; vibration system for all therapeutic applications; vibration therapy machine for therapy (portable); virtual reality gaming unit; treadmill; body weight support system; lifter; lifter for pool; soft dynamic proprioceptive orthotic, hand held dynamometer; handheld hydraulic; pressure vacuum system; sling suspension workstation.

9. Necessary documents to examine the suitability of tenderer

  • Filled out “Specifications” including price offer document
  • Filled out “Offer” document
  • Filled out “Reference” document
  • Filled out “Self-declaration of reliability” document

10. Contact
Please address e-mail to Kathrin Winterscheid and state tender number AHS-2018-001.

The bid representing the economically most advantageous offer will be successful.

Additional Documents: