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Tender 2013-M-0008

The orders of our tender were placed as follow:

lidocaine HCl injection 1%
total amount: 7.580,00 €
supplier: Amstelfarma/Niederlande

indomethacin tabs. 25 mg
total amount: 6.500,00 €
supplier: Amstelfarma/Niederlande

penicillin-G-sodium injection 1 mega
total amount:1.945,00 €
Lieferant: Reyoung/China

amoxicillin tabs. 250 mg
total amount:20.060,00 €
supplier: Reyoung/China

ethambutol HCl tabs. 400 mg
total amount:9.625,00 €
supplier: MacLeods/Indien

acetylsalicylic acid tabs. 100 mg
We did not place an order, because we did not received an offer.

metoclopramide HCl oral solution 4 mg/ml
total amount:21.900,00 €
supplier: Lomapharm/Deutschland

tetracycline HCl ophthalmic ointment 1%
total amount:8.250,00€
supplier: Amstelfarma/Niederlande

timolol eye drops. 0,25%
total amount:14.780,00 €
supplier: Lomapharm/Deutschland

oxytocin injection 10 IU
We did not place an order, because we will not have cool items any longer in our product range.

gelafundin infusion 4%
total amount:5.490,00 €
supplier: B. Braun/Deutschland