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Placing an order

A man loads a pick-up with packages of action medeor.

A man loads a pick-up with packages of action medeor. © action medeor/B. Betzelt

Here you can find all information about the medical aid of action medeor - from your first request to our delivery.

We want to make sure that all your questions about our work and our product offer will be answered. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1) Who can order from action medeor?

action medeor delivers at cost price to any national and international aid organization and health facility located out of the European Union. Precondition for ordering is the use of goods in accordance to the statutes (mission statement and articles of association). action medeor works exclusively for charitable and beneficial purposes and renders assistance exclusively for non-commercial purposes. Our goods are not directed to private persons.

2) What do I need to complete before my first order?

When you want to order from us for the first time, you have to submit a declaration of recipient. By this, we make sure that the recipient of our products is authorized or entitled to order and receive medicines as a wholesaler or to supply medicines to the public. Here you can find the template for the declaration of recipient.

3) How can I request products quickly and easily from action medeor?

If you are interested in our products, you may inquire them by using our Online-Catalog. Therein we present you our current range of safe and high-quality medicines and medical supplies with daily updated prices and relevant product information. Just select the needed items in the desired quantities and with a few clicks you can send your individual shopping cart to us.

4) What does action medeor offer in addition to the product portfolio?

Besides our wide-ranging portfolio, our purchasing department procures additional medicines and medical equipment. Individual support is a pillar in action medeor’s work. Our staff is readily available to answer your questions regarding single products and gives individual advice in order to clarify the demand. action medeor offers complete solutions for your medical projects and assists you for example in the calculation of complete hospital interiors.

5) What are the delivery and payment terms of action medeor?

Our products are solely used for export, not for any merchandising purposes. The prices are valid ex works in Tönisvorst (EXW). For every order we charge one percent of the total value of goods, but at least 50 euros. Transportation costs vary depending on the expense. Special packaging in boxes costs 40 euros each box. We keep it to ourselves to deliver the ordered amount in different packaging sizes. The invoice amount is to be paid after receipt of the invoice. The goods stay in the property of action medeor as long as not paid completely.

6) How does action medeor guarantee the quality of the products?

A consistent high quality of our medicines obtains top priority for us. Please read more about our effective Quality Management System.