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Online Catalog MediCat

A nurse signs a drug box at a pharmacy in Zimbabwe.

A nurse signs a drug box at a pharmacy in Zimbabwe. © action medeor/J. Grossmann

Find out about our current range of safe and high quality medicines and medical supplies in our Online-Catalog MediCat.

action medeor offers you and your partners on the ground everything needed for medical care. All medicines are selected based on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines. Our extensive range of products meets internationally accepted quality standards.

Visit our Online Catalog MediCat

Your benefit

  • Up-to-date product information (Suitability for children, packing dimensions, weight, transportation notes, etc.) of our about 170 medicines and 470 medical supplies.
  • Products that need more explanation are presented in detail.
  • For an individual and non-binding offer, please send us an request via the catalog.
  • Close partners may take advantage of their own login (For a flexible management of different billing and shipping addresses, a complete overview of all requests made and the repeat function for quick and easy re-requests).

Just a few steps to your request

1) Where can I find the articles I am looking for?

Items in the online catalogue are divided into medicines and equipment. Under ‘medicines’ you will find all medicines categorized by active ingredient. Under ‘equipment’ you will find all consumables, devices and other medical supplies. Under ‘topics’ you can also find articles regrouped by specific topics, for example malaria.

2) Select the desired items:

If you click on "details" below a specific product you will get additional information about it. If you would like to request an article, enter the desired quantity into the right field and confirm your selection by clicking on the red button.

With a click on your shopping cart at the bottom right side, you can always see at a glance how many products you currently have in your shopping cart.

3) Demand your choices online:

You can find all articles you selected in your shopping cart (red button above or below on the right). You have the opportunity to check your selection again and, if necessary, to remove products from your shopping cart or to change quantities.

To submit your request please click "Request these products".

4) Enter your data and complete your request:

In order to serve and support you in the best possible way, we need some information from you. Please enter contact information about the organization/institution and contact person in the form. A separate delivery adress can also be specified. You also have the option to submit a short message. Click on "Continue" to go to the next step.

In the last step, you can check the products you have requested once again. By clicking on "Submit your request" it will be send to us.

5) Confirmation and further contact:

Soon after sending your request you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. One of our employees will then contact you in regard to the details of your request and prepare your individual non-binding offer, taking into account for example the means of transport and custom formalities.