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Mobile dental unit

Two dentists treat a patient under a porch of a hut.

Two dentists treat a patient under a porch of a hut. © action medeor/M. Jörgens

The mobile dental unit makes dental treatment possible in a variety of places, providing the basis for an inexpensive dental practice.

Due to changing drinking and eating habits and an increasing life expectancy, diseases of the teeth and the gums are on the rise all over the world. Unfortunately, there is virtually no dental care available in many parts of Africa. Especially in rural regions, people do not have access to dental treatment. Many of them suffer from toothache for weeks, months or sometimes even for years. Even easily treatable mouth diseases can be fatal if not treated in a reasonable period.

With the mobile dental units of action medeor, it is possible to treat people in rural regions in an easy way. Weighing 28 kg or 30.5 kg and housed in a solid portable suitcase, the mobile dental unit can easily be carried and makes dental treatment possible in a variety of places. Other than an electrical power source, the cost-efficient device can be operated self-sufficiently. An integrated oil-free compressor provides the compressed air for operating the dental instruments. Bottles for fresh and wastewater are incorporated.

Mobile dental unit basic model DU 893

mobile dental unit GDU893

Technical data

Power supply: ~230V / 60 Hz
Dimensions: 45 x 31 x 68 cm
Weight: 28 kg
Power: 550 W
Noise level: ≤60 db
Compressed air tank: 5 L
Air flow: 40 L/min

On request, the mobile dental unit can also be equipped for a power supply of 110V.


Turbine socket: High-speed driven by compressed air and water cooled, foot controlled
Air motor socket: Low-speed for air motor driving handpiece or contra angle handpiece, foot controlled
Saliva ejector: Suction residues are collected in waste water bottle
Scaler: Ultrasonic scaler, controlled by foot
Curing light: LED polymerization lamp for light curing dental composites
3-way-syringe: Spray system for air and water
Water supply: Integrated 1 liter bottle for water supply
Compressor: Integrated oil-free compressor with air tank for the supply of compressed air
Foot control: One foot control pad for controlling the high- and lowspeed instruments, including one foot control pad for the scaler

It is CE certified and has a one year warranty.


Mobile dental unit plus model DU 852

Mobile Dentaleinheit DU 852

The unit offers you a plus of additional equipment, for a more convenient dental treatment in the field:

  • additional saliva ejector (choice between strong or weak suction)
  • more powerful with 750W
  • higher air flow of 50L/min
  • combinated foot control pad for scaler and instruments

Technical data

Power Supply: ~ 230V / 60Hz
Dimensions: 45 x 31 x 68 cm
Weight: 30.5 kg
Power: 750 W
Air flow: 50 L/min

All other components are the same as in the basic model DU 893.

Additional dental products

For the use of the mobile dental unit dental instruments and burs are necessary. We offer the following products to you:

Fitting instruments:

  • Contra Angle Handpiece 1:1 with Ball Bearing Shaft
  • Contra Angle 4:1 Reduction Handpiece for Implant
  • Straight Head with Inner Channel D27-S
  • External Straight Head D16-S
  • Straight Head with Inner Channel D17-S
  • External Air Motor
  • Inner Channel Air Motor
  • High Speed Turbine Push Button LED with Generator

Set of burs

  • diamond burs (2x football, 3x round, 3x cylinder flat end, 4x flame)
  • 3 carbide burs
  • polishers (2 high-shine polisher for composites, 2 universal polisher)

Information material

pdfFlyer mobile dental unit (377 KB, 10.2018)

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