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Emergency Health Kit

A young boy in a camp in Haiti is surrounded by Emergency Health Kits.

A young boy in a camp in Haiti is surrounded by Emergency Health Kits. © action medeor

action medeor permanently stores Emergency Health Kits, which are ready for dispatch within a few hours.

In case of emergencies the medical infrastructure often breaks down. Therefore it is important to re-establish medical care as soon as possible in order to render prompt assistance to acutely injured persons.

Using one of these 949 kg emergency boxes, it is possible to medically treat up to 10,000 persons for three months. In general, the content follows the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. It is continually updated taking into account the experience of medical teams. It includes among other things essential medicines such as painkillers, antibiotics, bandage material, infustion solutions and water disinfecting tabs.

The Emergency Health Kit consists of two different units, the so-called “Basic Unit” and the “Supplementary Unit”. A complete EHK consists of 10 Basic Units and one Supplementary Unit.

Description of the modules

Basic Unit

  • The Basic Unit contains essential medicines and medical equipment for helpers with basic medical knowledge. The medicines are limited to oral and external use.
  • A combination therapy for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria diseases is provided in a special malaria module on request.

Supplementary Unit

  • The Supplementary Unit contains medicines and medical equipment for 10,000 persons. It may be used by skilled helpers only.
  • The Supplementary Unit does not contain any medicines or medical equipment already supplied in the Basic Unit. Therefore the Basic and the Supplementary Unit always have to be used together.
  • An action medeor Emergency Health Kit currently consists of 32 boxes with a total volume of 4 cubic meters.

Packing list

pdfaction medeor Emergency Health Kit Catalog (387 KB, 08.2017)

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