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Diarrhoeal Disease Kit

A child in Haiti is treated against cholera.

A child in Haiti is treated against cholera. © Aktion Deutschland Hilft / A. Smeets

For the treatment of Cholera cases especially after major disasters, we offer a special Diarrhoeal Disease Kit consisting of four modules.

Cholera is an acute diarrheal illness caused by infection with the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. It is spread by eating food or drinking water. Severe cholera disease can lead to dehydration and even death if left untreated. About 3 to 5 million cases and over 100,000 deaths occur each year due to cholera.

As the infection can spread very quickly, it is important to take immediate action to treat patients and prevent further infections. Severe cholera cases need to be isolated to a Cholera Treatment Unit (CTU), while those with no or moderate dehydration can be treated in an Oral Rehydration Unit (ORU).

action medeor recently adopted its cholera kit to match that of the Interagency Diarrhoeal Disease Kit of the WHO. In general, the content follows the WHO guidelines. The Diarrhoeal Disease Kit of action medeor consists of four modules, the basic module, ORS module, infusion module and support module. Together they provide treatment for 100 severe cholera cases (in a CTU), 400 moderate cholera cases (in an ORU), and 100 adults plus 100 children affected by Shigella dysentery.

Description of the modules

Basic Module

  • Drugs (ORS, IV fluids for 10 severe cases and antibiotics)
  • Topical disinfectants and water disinfection tablets
  • Renewable medical supplies
  • Equipment

ORS Module

ORS for 400 cholera patients with no or moderate dehydration (enough for two ORUs)

Infusion Module

Ringer Lactate with IV giving sets for 90 severe cholera cases (with an average of eight liters per patient)

Support Module

Non-medical items necessary for running a cholera treatment Center

Please contact our team if you are interested in the packing list. Depending on your needs the kits can be modified accordingly. We are happy to assist you in any way.