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Customer qualification

As a wholesaler within the meaning of the German Medicinal Products Act action medeor is obliged to qualify all customers and recipients of our medicines and medical supplies.

action medeor only supplies to persons who are authorized or entitled to supply medicines to the public.

Declaration of recipient

All recipients who receive medicines from action medeor for the first time have to hand in the declaration of recipients before the order is handled:

The recipient hereby confirms to action medeor that he is authorized or entitled to order or to receive medicines as a wholesaler or to supply to the public. He has to inform action medeor about any change of the legal or administrative status of the organization with regard to the distribution of medicines and about any change of the responsible person.

Questionnaire for non-remunerated medical aid

In order to verify whether action medeor can fund medicines, medical supplies and equipment by donation, we ask you to fill out the questionnaire and send it to us, in case you are inquiring the first time: