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Tender 2015-M-0003

Date: 8th June 2015

Type of procedure: open procedure
Title of tender: medicines for storage
Deadline of submission: 29th June 2015
Way of financing: self-financing

Short description of the order: ramadol oral solution 100 mg/ml, penicillin V syrup 250 mg/5 ml, metronidazole vaginal tabs. 500 mg, quinine dihydrochloride injection 300 mg/ml, digoxin tabs. 0,25 mg, hydrocortisone acetate ointment 1%, hydrochlorothiazide tabs. 25 mg, chlorpromazine HCl tabs. 100 mg, vitamin B1 + vitamin B6 injection, sodium chloride 0,9% + glucose 5% infusion

Order volume (approx.): 111,300.00 €

Location of delivery: Deutsches Medikamenten-Hilfswerk action medeor, 
St. Töniser Str. 21, D-47918 Tönisvorst

Division in lots?: yes

The following verifications should be submitted by the supplier at the time of presenting the offer:
•Statement of the oservance of ethical principles
•Statement of self obligation
•Bank statement
•Verification of an occupational liability insurance
•Statement of the annual turnover of the past 3 years

Please request the documents via mail or e-mail by 22nd June 2015.
Contact: Melanie Wieser, Purchasing Department 
The contract will be awarded to the economically most favourable offer