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Discover useful COVID-19 products!

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Even during the COVID-19 pandemic we would like to be at your side as your reliable partner and offer you useful products.

Today we present you a brief overview of products from our portfolio, which help you in the care of patients and the protection of medical personnel. All products are available at short notice, as long as stock lasts.


Having a reliable oxygen supply is necessary for the care of seriously ill patients to improve the probability of survival. It is important to ensure that potentially life-saving oxygen equipment is available and included in health facilities.

Oxygen Concentrator Unit JAY-5BW

The unit JAY-5BW has an oxygen output of up to 5 liter per minute. With its low net weight, size and noise level, it is most suited for the homecare of a single patient. This unit has also a low power consumption.

Oxygen Concentrator Unit JAY-10

The oxygen concentrator JAY-10 is equipped with a powerful oil-free compressor, supplying up to 10 liter per minute of oxygen to patients. It is therefore perfectly suited to the supply of multiple patients or individual patients with a high oxygen demand. Additionally, the device has a supporting "cooling" technology to improve its reliability and lifetime.


SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Tests

For the easy, quick, and reliable detection of the coronavirus, we have SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kits available on stock for quick delivery. The tests can be performed by trained personnel or self-applied depending of the national legislation. Test results are ready within a time of about 20 minutes. Our test kit is packed in a box of 25 individual tests.

More details about the test kit >


Infrared Thermometer

Safe, fast, and convenient infrared thermometer for non-contact body temperature measurement. A calibration system helps users to find the optimal measuring distance. The temperature is displayed within 1 second with a color indicator visualizing the different temperature ranges.


Fingertip Pulse Oximeter FS20D

Small and handy device for spot-check or continuous short-term monitoring applications during mobile use, in hospitals, and at home. Reliable and accurate pulse oximetry measurement with alarm function for decreasing values.


3-Diff Automated Hematology Analyzer KT-6300

The 3-diff automated hematology analyzer ideal for small and medium sized labs and robust operating conditions. It has a convincing powerful data management and is very user friendly with its touch screen and built-in thermal printer.

5-Diff Automated Hematology Analyzer KT-6610

A compact and user-friendly 5-diff auto hematology analyzer. More accurate counting through tri-angle laser scattering and flow cytometry. The bench-top analyzer can be used as standalone or can be connected to Laboratory Information Systems. A built-in barcode scanner simplifies the automatic patient data input and management of reagents.

Optional: Online Training

Our qualified technician can get in touch with you online to assist you with the installation and to give you further support.

For more information and an individual offer, please contact us. We are here for you!

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