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An interview with the head of Export and Procurement

Jürgen Blocher, the Head of action medeor's Department for procurement and export

Jürgen Blocher, the Head of action medeor's Department for procurement and export © action medeor

Jürgen Blocher, the new head action medeor’s Department for procurement and export wishes to introduce himself.

This Department is responsible for the export of action medeor's high-quality medicines, medical equipment and health technology. As the new head of department, Jürgen Blocher is therefore responsible for ensuring that our non-profit medical supplies arrive promptly and safely where they are needed.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jürgen Blocher, I am 41 years old, I originally studied law and I have been working in the healthcare sector for 10 years. I have been working for action medeor as the Head of Procurement and Export since September 2019. Before I joined action medeor, I worked as a consultant for the hospital sector in a municipal organization and as the administrative director of a university hospital for seven years.

Why did you choose action medeor?

action medeor stands for sustainability, high quality products and the improvement of the worldwide access to medical products. After working in the health care sector in Germany for such a long time, I was searching for a new challenge and the opportunity to take on more responsibilities. action medeor gave me this opportunity and allowed me to use my previous work experience in the service of global health.

What does it mean for you to work at action medeor?

In Germany, we have access to one of the best health care systems in the world. This is unfortunately not the case in many countries over the world, especially outside of Europe. As the emergency dispensary of the world, action medeor is committed to enable and to ensure the access to high quality and affordable medicines, and thus to improve the access to basic medical care for everyone. I feel very lucky to be able to play my part in this mission.

What are you looking forward to do at action medeor?

I intend to make a decisive contribution in setting up the humanitarian supplier action medeor for the future. Sustainability, both economically and ecologically, is at the heart of my project, enabling us to continue to supply our partners with our signature high quality and affordable products.