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Help for the Bahamas

Medical aid for the Bahamas is packed in action medeor’s warehouse.

Medical aid for the Bahamas is packed in action medeor’s warehouse. © action medeor

After the serious devastation caused by hurricane Dorian, action medeor is sending first aid deliveries for the people in the Bahamas.

Following disastrous effects of hurricane Dorian, aid from all over the world, including Germany, has started to arrive on the Bahamas. action medeor, as emergency dispensary of the world, received a request from one of its numerous international partners on the 9th of September. At the headquarters in Germany, action medeor has finished preparing an “Emergency Health Kit” for dispatch. The Kit contains essential medicines and medical equipment.

Emergency aid supplies for the Caribbean normally come from the USA. However, action medeor was asked for help because the USA itself has been struck by the hurricane and because action medeor can send high quality products worldwide quickly and reliably.

An Emergency Health Kit of action medeor measures around 4 cubic meters and weights a total of 1 ton. It is able to cover the basic medical needs of 10,000 persons for more than three months. It contains, among others, basic medicines, such as analgesics and antibiotics, and an array of medical instruments, infusion solutions and water disinfecting tabs, as well as consumables like bandages and compresses. The guideline of the of the World Health Organization (WHO) serves as basis for its content.

The kit left the warehouse of action medeor yesterday. The aid package will serve to provide emergency medical aid on the Bahamas and to cover critical medical needs as well as water supply for the disaster-stricken population. Further help will continue to be send to the Bahamas, as action medeor already received other requests from our partners.

Dorian was the strongest storm ever recorded over the Bahamas. The hurricane, of the highest category 5, raged for three days over the isles and halted for almost a day over the northern Bahaman islands.