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World Pharmacists Day: Our pharmacists

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Pharmacists are essential for our work: Short insight into their activities.

As we are a medical aid organization, pharmacists are a fundamental element of our work. Only thanks to their commitment, action medeor is able to offer you high quality products and competent consultancy. Altogether, we employ nine pharmacists in Germany, Tanzania, and Malawi. On today's World Pharmacists Day we would like to present these important people of the whole action medeor family to you:

action medeor shushan tedla

"We combat antimicrobial resistance."

Shushan Tedla, Quality Assurance and Safety, action medeor Germany




 action medeor gerald masuki

"We increase accessibility to essential medicines for all."

Gerald Masuki, Country Director, action medeor Tanzania




action medeor stelzer

"We promote rational use of medicines."

Lorenz Stelzer, Pharmaceutical intern, action medeor Germany




action medeor susann held

"We provide quality-assured medicines."

Susann Held, Country Director, action medeor Malawi




action medeor guy noel mouoffo

"We ensure safety of medicines."

Guy Noel Mouoffo, Quality Assurance and Control, action medeor Germany




action medeor franklin nyambi

"We enable cost effective treatment."

Franklin Nyambi, Procurement and Quality Assurance, action medeor Tanzania




action medeor irmgard buchkremer

"We strengthen pharmaceutical education."

Dr. Irmgard Buchkremer-Ratzmann, Head of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Consultancy, action medeor Germany




action medeor christoph bonsmann

"We support local production of quality medicines."

Christoph Bonsmann, Board action medeor




action medeor rajab lawe


"We fight against sub-standard and counterfeit medicines."

Rajab Lawe, Responsible Pharmacist, action medeor Malawi




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Our team is happy to offer you pharmaceutical consultancy and provide you with high quality medicines, medical supplies and equipment.