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Do you know PAUL?

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Water backpack with drinking water filter - Supply of lifesaving and clean drinking water, even after catastrophes

PAUL stands for "Portable Aqua Unit for Livesaving" and is a portable water filter unit which is used primarily in emergency and disaster areas. With this water backpack, river and well water can be treated to drinking water. Thus, more than 400 people can be supplied with 1,200 liters of drinking water a day. PAUL is intuitive, easy, and without any chemicals or energy expenses to use.

action medeor has shipped the water backpack for many years. One exampe: In the aftermath of Nepal earthquake more than 50 PAULs were in use to provide thousands of people with lifesaving clean drinking water.

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For a permanent supply of clean drinking water, we also offer the drinking water treatment plant PAULA, which generates up to 4,000 liters of drinking water a day from dirty surface water. Please read more about PAULA in MediCat!

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