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Quality, safety and efficacy - guaranteed!

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Safe medicines: Effective, safe, and of high quality - with us you can be sure!

Are you always sure that the medicines you procure and use are effective, safe and of high quality? Because these are the three criteria which constitute a safe medicine.

We stand for the safety of all medicines we offer:

1. We ensure the quality of medicines in all processes, from the careful selection of suppliers through the delivery and proper storage to the transport to our partners.

2. We only want to offer common medicines with a proven positive benefit-risk-profile and therefore consider the safety of the products during the selection process.

3. We procure exclusively from selected, prequalified manufacturers or wholesalers, who can prove production according to the international WHO-GMP standard. Regular audits are carried out by responsible authorities in the respective country, by other international authorities, and by action medeor accompanied by international pharmaceutical experts.

4. As pharmaceutical wholesaler, we meet all legal requirements in accordance with German and European legislation and commit ourselves to comply with international regulations on the quality of drug substances, raw materials and medicines.

5. All our processes are under surveillance by the district government of Düsseldorf and the customs office in Krefeld and we are audited regularly by international partners.

Find out in detail about our commmitment to quality

Our team is happy to assist you with all questions regarding the quality and safety of medicines. We look forward to further cooperation with you!