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Yemen: Cholera, diphtheria, and food insecurity

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action medeor supplies medical aid - 80% of the Yemeni population are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Among the many dire humanitarian situations globally, the ongoing war in Yemen has placed 20 million people – 80% of the Yemeni population – in need of humanitarian assistance. With large parts of the country's infrastructure destroyed, over 10,000 people killed, millions displaced, and millions suffering from malnutrition, the health care system is nearly broken down.

The supply of medicines can no longer be guaranteed, as the quantity of imported drugs has reduced by 70 per cent since the fighting began. At the beginning of 2017, the United Nations announced that every ten minutes, a child under the age of five dies of preventable diseases.


In October 2016 a cholera outbreak was reported in Yemen. Since that time, the number of cases has been increasing dramatically. By the beginning of 2018, the number of suspected cases has risen to over one million. Children are particularly affected. Many children who died of cholera had already been weakened by malnourishment. If cholera is not treated, 15 per cent of the patients will die within a few hours.


In addition to the cholera epidemic, an outbreak of diphtheria exacerbates the situation in Yemen. The collapse of the country’s health system means that people cannot be treated adequately and that highly infectious diseases spread unhindered. Often, the prevalence of different diseases deteriorate the health situation’s severity.

action medeor supplies medical aid

To support the suffering Yemeni population, action medeor supports local healthcare facilities with medical aid. action medeor has aready shipped more than 40 tons of medical aid deliveries to Yemen which included infusion solutions for the treatment of cholera, as well as various medications, vitamin supplements and therapeutic food for health facilities and hospitals. Further deliveries are currently being prepared.

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