Young people from a school in Bolivia are participating in a project to prevent gender-based violence.

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Cholera in Yemen: action medeor supplies medicines

A father with his little daughter at the Al-Sabeen Hospital in Sanaa – small children are particularly vulnerable to cholera infection.

The WHO raises alarm: since June, the number of people who died from cholera in Yemen has almost doubled. In the meantime, there are more than 1,700 victims, over 320,000 people became ill.

action medeor joined PQMD Forum

Members of PQMD in a forum discussion about issues of global health and access for health.

In April, PQMD held a three-day Forum on Global Aid and Access for Health in London. Bernd Pastors, our Spokesman of the Board, and Eva Greitemann, working in Partner Development, represented action medeor at this event.

Workshops for developing a GMP roadmap for the East African Community

Participants from pharmaceutical industry and inspection authorities take part in the discussions about improving pharmaceutical production in Tanzania.

action medeor has been focusing on the improvement of drug availability and quality in East Africa for many years. On behalf of the East African Community (EAC), action medeor now holds several workshops with local inspection authorities and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry in Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Specialized nutrition for use in food crisis

Mothers bring their mal-nourished children to a hospital in South Sudan.

Since the early months of 2017, we face a famine in many countries like Somalia, South Soudan, Nigeria and Yemen. Due to El Niño-induced weather patterns and conflicts food insecurity intensified in these countries. People suffer from drought or had to flee, so the occurrence of hunger and malnutrition worsened.

News from South Sudan

A delivery of medicines and medical supplies of action medeor is unloaded at our partner in Gumbo, South Sudan.

We got good news from our partner Don Bosco: The shipment with medicines and medical supplies from action medeor has arrived safely in Gumbo.