Young people from a school in Bolivia are participating in a project to prevent gender-based violence.

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World Malaria Day

In projects of action medeor, children learn how to protect themselves with mosquito nets

In 2017, more than 45,000 people died from malaria in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Africa, only Nigeria records more malaria-related deaths. Most of them are children under five years of age.

Expanded help for Cyclone Idai

The situation in southeast Africa has worsened. action medeor has started to provide medical aid for Mozambique and Malawi.

Venezuela: help has arrived

Hope: these packages of urgently needed medicines and medical supplies from action medeor were delivered to our partners in Venezuela on 23 February.

The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela worsens. action medeor sends medicines to supply Venezuelan refugees in Colombia.

Medical aid for Yemen

Christoph Bonsmann, member of the executive board of action medeor, checks the shipment for Yemen.

Yemen is currently experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis of the world. action medeor supplies medical aid to several partners to support the suffering Yemeni population.

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