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International Healthcare Tanzania

For more than 50 years action medeor has been providing medical supplies and advisory services to mission hospitals in Tanzania.

In order to be more efficient and cost-effective, action medeor Germany initiated the establishment of a branch in Tanzania: action medeor International Healthcare. Managing director of this subsidiary is Christoph Bonsmann, who is Executive Committee Member at the headquarters in Tönisvorst at the same time.

The Tanzanian office and warehouse for medical products was opened in Dar es Salaam in September 2005. Healthcare partners in Germany and Europe can order medicines and medical supplies and equipment for Tanzania via the following email address:

action medeor strengthens local structures

action medeor International Healthcare serves as a procurement and distribution unit for essential medicines and medical supplies. Our target group is the non-commercial health care sector, including faith based groups, national and international NGO’s and charitable institutions in Tanzania. The subsidiary operates as an alternative supply system to already existing systems in the country in a complementary spirit of cooperation for the benefit of the customers.

However, action medeor Germany will continue to support pharmaceutical, medical and advisory projects in Tanzania in the future, such as the Pharm R&D Lab in Dar es Salaam.

All health stations and hospitals which previously ordered from the German headquarters now receive their supplies directly from Dar es Salaam.
It is the aim of action medeor International Healthcare gGmbH to establish sustainable structures, so that health stations in Africa have a dependable source for obtaining essential medicines. The medicines are distributed via dispatch services or by bus.

We are grateful for donations

action medeor International Healthcare Tanzania works for the non commercial sector of health care. The goal is the development of a supply network that supplements existing suppliers, always in cooperation with official channels. With your donation, you can support the work of action medeor in Tanzania.