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The employees of action medeor Malawi take medicines down from the shelves.

The employees of action medeor Malawi take medicines down from the shelves. © Maria Thundu/action medeor/Fairpicture

action medeor Malawi offers a wide range of medicines as well as medical supplies and devices.

Our items catalogue is based on the WHO List of Essential Medicines and the Malawian Essential Medicines List. We periodically review and update our items catalogue according to recommendations by our customers and health professionals, following the concept of rational medicine selection.

We set great value on the quality and the safety of all our products and are always looking for the best purchase prices. Our ambition is that all Malawian people have direct access to high quality and safe medicines at affordable prices.

Items catalogue action medeor Malawi

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Quality standards

action medeor Malawi has adopted high standards of quality assurance ensuring our goal of safe, effective and good quality products.

How do we achieve high quality?

  • All supplying manufacturers and distributers are prequalified by action medeor
  • Regular on-site audits of manufacturers control full compliance with GMP
  • Samples are tested by certified and independent laboratories
  • All products are procured with maximum shelf life
  • Each product is accompanied by the certificate of analysis of the medicine
  • Well trained pharmacists, supported by a modern stock management system, ensures Good Warehouse Practice